What is Bridge Challenge?

Bridge Challenge is bridge free web site focusing on bidding

Main functions

- What types of bridge things can I do on Bridge Challenge?

- Can I enter a lead problem?
You could, and some people do as follows: "Add your board", ask others to "pass" and to state their lead in the "comments". Possibly, if people are asking for it, we will introduce in the future a more user-friendly "lead problem"

- What is "Le Ring"?
It is a great function, allowing two people to bid, then at the end of the auction to see both hands and to compare with other pairs' auctions.

- The menus and cards are available in which languages ?
French and English. The site will detect your browser language preference, and use either French or English.


- Do I need to register ? WHat happens when I do? - Do I need to remember my password ?


The Ring

Privacy Policy

- Will I receive many emails from this site ? - Do you store data locally on my device ? why ? - What data do you keep ? - What other data are visible to other members on your site ? - Do we share your data with anyone ?

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